Astera Wireless LED Remote Control ARC1

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Astera Remote Control ARC1

The Infra Red Remote Control is a basic controller to change colors, programs, brightness and speed. It's 28 buttons are clearly marked what makes the IR Remote easy to operate for new users and customers that prefer easy operation. With up to 25 foot reach the Remote can target several lights that are in range. 

The ARC1 IR transmitter is a perfect rental control. It was designed to be  simple to operate with buttons that are clearly labeled and easy to understand. Like your tv remote, it’s range is about 15′. So, it’s more for set & forget situations. Many companies keep 1 in each case of lights, that way if the main controller is misplaced, the show can still go on. And, with a price tag of only $30 it won’t break the bank if it’s lost on a rental.